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Volume 31 (2003)

Special Feature: Ghosts of the Victorian

  • Elisabeth Gruner, “Introduction”
  • Sally Harris, “Spiritual Warnings: The Ghost Stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu”
  • Samuel L. Gladden, “Passages: The Long and Difficult Death of the Victorian Era, 1893-1945”
  • Deborah Logan, “‘No voice is hushed’: Ada McGrath’s Buried Life”
  • Louisa A. Hadley, “Spectres of the Past: A. S. Byatt’s Victorian Ghost Stories”
  • Michel Faber, “Eccentricity and Authenticity: Fact into Fiction”
  • Elisabeth Gruner, “Rev. of Charles Dickens in Cyberspace by Jay Clayton and Functions of Victorian Culture at the Present Time ed. by Christine L. Krueger

Essays on Fiction

  • Grace Kehler, “Opera in the Family: Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
  • Simon Cooke, “Dangerous Subversives: The Role of Painters in Sensation Fiction”
  • Eric Levy, “Property Morality in The Mill on the Floss


  • William Baker, “Wilkie Collins’s Notes for The Moonstone
  • Terry L. Meyers, “William Morris on Prostitution: A Letter of August 17, 1885”
  • David LatanĂ©, “An Unnoticed Really Bad Review of Browning’s Strafford

Reviews and Review-essays

  • Paula Marantz Cohen, “Rev. of Victorian Literature and the Anorexic Body by Anna Krugovoy Silver”
  • Susan Hamilton, “Rev. of The Theological and Ethical Writings of Frances Power Cobbe, 1822-1904 by Sandra J. Peacock”
  • Leila S. May, “Rev. of The Flirt’s Tragedy: Desire Without End in Victorian and Edwardian Fiction by Richard A. Kaye”
  • Sally Mitchell “Rev. of Chastity and Transgression in Women’s Writing, 1792-1897: Interrupting the Harlot’s Progress by Roxanne Eberle”
  • Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas “Rev. of Victorian Modernism: Pragmatism and the Varieties of Aesthetic Experience by Jessica R. Feldman”
  • Adrienne Munich, “Rev. of Henry and Mary Ponsonby: Life at the Court of Queen Victoria by William N. Kuhn”
  • Sophia Andres, “Rev. of George Eliot: A Bibliographical History by William Baker and John Ross”
  • Ana Vadillo, “Rev. of Women’s Poetry and Religion in Victorian England. Jewish Identity and Christian Culture by Cynthia Scheinberg”

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